I’m tired of being strong for everyone else.

When will someone be strong for me?


Shoot. Don’t Talk.

I think I’ve got the warmest heart

It’s shut down

cold to you

Do you remember when you walked through my door at night? The way you kissed me then

You held me tight. My mind imagined promises you never put words to.

That’s what happened when you took me over. My soul gave in.

We became one deep into the night. That’s where I lost my heart.

I stared up at you in the dark. That’s where I lost my control

Your face was lit and shining blue in the moonlight. The reflections were everything.

That’s where I became your only one

We laughed, we played and rolled around. Hands sliding over hands…

Suddenly you rolled over my heart

You left your “tire tracks”
The oxygen spilled over,


and out

I lost the air you’d been breathing into me. I faded fast

How can love come on so suddenly, become broken, then the past?