Wake Up, Little Suzie, Wake Up??

I have once again been awake since 3 am.

This weather has been killing me. As soon as I take a step out into the Oklahoma Summer heat, my head starts pounding and my back aches. My sinuses are so incredibly dry. It’s like a wasteland up in there.

Because I don’t want to leave Michael’s side, I instead lay in bed and think. lol I hate that I do this, but it’s part of me so whatever!

What has my wheels turning this time is the strength of the human spirit, the fragility of the human body… how love and faith conquer all things. Probably too much for this post but I’ll literally skim portions of the surface.

In December 2015, two months after accepting my position at Victoria’s Secret, my manager died… someone I felt very tied to in just a short amount of time. She was all around incredible. You would have been crazy not to love her. She died in a car accident and ended up in ICU where she eventually passed.

By no means is this something I continually think about each week. I’ve only been reminded of it lately as I’ve been witnessing various things which I would not feel professional speaking about.

All I can say is that the strength of the human spirit and its heart for other is unstoppable. Compassion and drive may be the most vital qualities we can have.

Take this as an example… a man who was abused by his father. He was 9 years old. Eventually, he moves away, gets married, and has children. Now, he hugs his son every day. He puts his trophies in the living room for everyone to see. He invites people over. He’s proud of what he has accomplished despite disasterly circumstances.

This is the power of the human spirit when we have drive and when we have compassion. I’m staring to understand that. When you put others before yourself, guess what you don’t have to think about anymore? Yourself. And it’s a huge load off the shoulders.

Almost a year ago now, I met my best friend, Michael. I strived for a better man in my life. I knew I deserved it. Now, I have him. And I will never allow him to go away. Lol I found my missing puzzle piece. The one to make all the messes make sense. As soon as I saw his eyes looking down at me, I knew. So thankful to God for you, Michael. Each and every day. And even moreso as I witness tragedy at my job. As you lay next to me in bed, I see you breathing and it brings me joy.

Although…I can’t wait for you to wake up because you are kinda boring when you’re asleep. lol I love you. 💋

Hashtag: when you can’t get attention because he’s sleeping.




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