Boy bye lol

All the smiling means nothing now

Including the first time I looked up and saw your face

You ruined our story

The day I didn’t know I got replaced


Collar bone

You’ll never know it

The figures inside the mind

That affect the people you love


Billowy and worn on the outer edges

A place created by themselves


From the outside it appears copacetic


But somewhere in the middle there’s a child

Longing to be held


But what about those that never were

… held?


What does their child inside long for?

A nice day out on a playground?

The cake they never got for their birthday?

Maybe they just want a home to live in

Even if just a box on the side of a road


Perspective changes everything

Suck in everyone’s pain

Lay with them and discover it all

Take a walk around

The day to day

It doesn’t seem so copacetic now

Does it?