Good luck with that

Remember when we’d dream about all the things we’d do
Well now I have you totally replaced (screw you)

Remember how we ran around
Playing and feeling free
And now you’ve thrown me to the side
you’re the lucky one (not me)

I hate how this has all turned out but I love it just the same
Do you think they’re going to figure it out (your game)?

I’m better off without your shit, you manipulative traitor
I want you out of my life, I’m better now (I could never say (I hate her))



Where do we go from here
Harbor bound without a light

How can we believe it
As the light flies across the win-

I’m here caring for everyone
Dabbing tears from their face
Giving away medication

Will somebody medicate me?

Their cheeks so puffy
Teeth-filled smiles
“I love you now and I’ll love you
All the while”

I wait here for my medication
The only one I want
Waiting for my lighthouse
My harbor
My only one